“Our mission is to unite and encourage insightful, active, and effective participation of American Muslims in the evolving political arena of the USA.”

To achieve our mission, we unite American Muslims collective power to achieve peace and property with harmony & respect to all other ethnicities in the country. We also attempt to protect our interest by bringing in new & by helping existing political candidates to win political offices in the United States of America.

How We Work

We are here to protect and defend the rights of all Muslim-Americans though unification initiatives, leading to peace and prosperity all around.

We accomplish this feat by implementing an identification process, at grassroots level, to select those political leaders, who share in our vision of justice and constitutional rights for all Muslims. In turn, these political leaders are provided with support and promotion to run for various political offices in United States, at all levels.

Given the current global situation and the ongoing war of terror and the dire circumstances in a lot of countries, especially in the middle-east, it seems that even the activities of many law abiding and patriot Muslims are under a magnifying glass. Whether it is anti-Muslimism rhetoric or threats of mass deportation by our elected leader, the need of the hour is for Muslims to galvanize and rally behind a common goal. At MAPP, we are here to provide a powerful voice for that goal.

We work hand-in-hand to protect all American Muslims from terrorism and implement initiatives to eradicate terrorism from our society. We are active in doing outreach activities in our communities along with law enforcement agencies, at local, county, state and federal levels. This enables us to proactively work to identify and eradicate issues of potential radicalization.

We are here to protect and defend the rights of all Muslim-Americans though unification initiatives, leading to peace and prosperity all around.

MAPP is at the forefront of hosting events to get our voice out and our political guest appearance is always a great way to promote our ideology.


Protection of fundamental rights of all Muslims living in America is a core value of MAPP. We leverage on our political, law enforcement and community outreach contacts to make sure all fundamental rights violations of Muslim Americans are stopped and if necessary any and all legal course of action is taken. We work with our network of lawyers and our guest speaker series to discuss the rights provided to all of us under the constitution and teach our members how to respond and handle these violations.


We have an extensive and detailed grassroots level initiative to identify and harness Muslims in the political arena. We have been successfully able to guide and support several upcoming, driven and young politicians to run for elected offices.


We network and liaison with between mosques and law enforcement agencies on local, state and federal levels to proactively identify radicalization issues and implement coaching and teaching tools to maintain a positive and trusting relationship with law enforcement agencies, given the current environment for Muslims.


MAPP has been consistently on the forefront of community outreach and inter-faith dialogue with all our stakeholders to learn, identify and eradicate anti-Muslimism rhetoric and religious hate.


Our Executive Team

What We Have Accompolisshed


Our activities are very versatile and diverse. Our membership is all over US and a lot of events are spread out. The success for a lot of activities boils down to galvanizing our base and getting the volunteers out. Please sign the below link to be part of our volunteer program and check out the volunteer benefits.

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